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We are all about family!!


Robin started Decor 2 Ur Door, custom dorm room bedding, seven years ago when her oldest daughter, Amanda, went off to college. Robin wanted to leave Amanda with a sense of home (having always had bomb-diggity rooms growing up as an interior designer's daughter). She took the challenge of transforming the cinder-block walls into an inviting room that sent raving reviews all across campus. That is where Decor 2 Ur Door began. Now, both daughters have graduated college and are moving on in life so, a new idea is in order… hence Baby Bump Bedding.

Robin utilized her 20+years of residential interior design experience, coupled with her 20+years of volunteer/fundraiser experience (thrifty with scarce budgets)…to develop a product line for dorms that is creative, trendy and all-inclusive. "Everyone wonders if I ever sleep. They call me the energizer bunny. Always a new idea and far fetched plan. When you love what you do and are passionate, it’s not a job— its a lifestyle". She is the southern bell, 500 words a minute, eccentric type of woman that everyone adores. "With two daughters, shopping is a favorite pastime for us. As a close knit family, we visit Markets together to determine the hottest products through "young" eyes. Such special times have been made and memories that will last forever," — Robin. She is leaving a legacy with Decor 2 Ur Door and Baby Bump Bedding that her daughters are carrying on.


Raised in Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama and Florida, Megan brings youthful enthusiasm and trendy spirit to our designs and company. As little sister to Amanda, the girls always wanted to do their “own thing.” Funny how quickly things change as you grow. The McDonald’s are such a talented, close-knit family that do everything together. By everything, we mean everything. They even work together! With degrees in Hospitality Management and Entrepreneurship from Florida State University (GO NOLES!), Megan has served luxury venues such as International Polo Club Palm Beach, The Breakers Resort & Spa, and Phillips Point Club, and It! Events + Media. She joined Decor 2 Ur Door in 2013 as a marketing manager and design specialist. Her background in special events and hospitality gives her that creative flare to design the custom dorm and custom nursery of your dreams. She adores fashion and calls herself a fashionista-wannabe. You can catch (get it, catch) her fishing in the Atlantic ocean reelin’ in some big ones, or working out at the crossfit box.” Starting this company has been a complete dream. It’s a company full of love, passion, and pure God-given (and handed down) talent.” Megan is one of the main designers for Baby Bump Bedding. She creates trendy, cutesy, stylish and popular nurseries that will knock your socks (or your baby’s) off. You can see her work in the Designer Created Crib Sets section of Baby Bump Bedding.


Amanda is the business savvy, money smart, organization guru, hippie-chick behind the operation. She is the beauty and brains of Baby Bump Bedding. Amanda, an accountant in her (other) professional life and a master list-maker by hobby, is a dedicated devotee to details. Utilizing her talent for organization, strong perfectionist streak, and thorough attention to detail, Amanda is the stitching that binds Baby Bump Bedding together. Amanda graduated from Florida State University with degrees in Accounting and Marketing. She started her own legacy as an Alpha Delta Pi where her little sister soon followed. "Being in the same sorority as a senior while my little sister joined as a freshmen, opened new doors for us. We actually started to understand and like each other. The rest is history in the making". Recently married to her high school sweetheart, she cannot wait for her very own baby bump!! Amanda, a self-proclaimed "crunchy girl", enjoys cooking (err... learning to cook), gardening and crossfit. One could say you would never see Amanda eating something that isn’t green, grassed, or all-natural. Launching a company with her two best friends (momma and little sis) is a dream come true!

Robin K:

Robin (yes, there are two of them in one office!), a Retail Marketing Major alumni from Syracuse University has an extensive background in sales and production. We use her expertise in the skipping and business department. Robin is happily married and has two beautiful daughters who are both in college (and have rooms filled with Decor 2 Ur Door items, of course!). In her spare time she loves to play tennis and relax on the beautiful and sandy Palm Beaches. Robin joined Decor 2 Ur Door three years ago as the shipping Manager and is thrilled for the extension of the business, Baby Bump Bedding! Here at Decor 2 Ur Door and Baby Bump Bedding it's not only a family, but an extended family. Robin is the super-detailed, organized lady that keeps us all in line.

Colette Daunais:

2014 our precious Colette flew home to be with Jesus after a three-year intense battle with cancer. Our earthly loss of a dedicated and extremely dear long time friend, employee and seamstress extraordinaire gives us an angel above to guide us and cheer us on. There are no words to adequately express the hole in our hearts left by such an amazing woman who LOVED what she did- big hugs, family and friends, and sheer delight in sewing our beautiful bedding for many years! As the saying goes, you can't keep a good woman down- she was sewing with a smile on her face up until the day the ambulance brought her to hospice. Life is meant to be lived and sure did she live. Now she is free from pain, united with her family above and sending us lots of love and direction.

We miss you ALWAYS! and forever...


Sigi was born and raised in a small town in Germany and was taught to sew by her father (a tailor) at the age of 5. She moved to the USA in 1959 and went to work at Whitley's Bridal Shop in Chicago, IL. She changed careers in 1973 and went to work for the US Post Office where she retired in 2009 as Manager of Mail Processing... all the while continuing to sew as a hobby. Sigi has the most beautiful smile and contagious personality. Always thinking of something new and innovative (it runs in the family here). She has an accent that is absolutely adorable and distinct. Sigi joined our fab D2D family 3 years ago along with her daughter. Her years of sewing show through her passion, dedication and details in her work. She has a wonderful personality and there is nothing this women can not do! Literally. We thank our lucky stars every day we have such a talented seamstress who can our trendy and custom betting. Like the bedding she creates, she also one of a kind.


Andrea (aka Andy) is Sigi's daughter. She joined our family at the same time as her mom. Andy responded to post on Facebook looking for a part time position... and the rest is history. Another shout out to social media! Knowing little about sewing and all its extensive parts, she started out ironing while her mom took the sewing reigns. Her talent has blossomed and her mom has taken her under her wing and has taught her to sew. Here, at Decor 2 Ur Door we are all about family. We are a family. Andy has great organization skills and has the dedication to detail and deadlines, which is essential in this business. Andy is always up for something new. Seriously though. Every time we see her she has a new hair color. And, she pulls them all off! Andy is the binding behind it all.

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