Hurricane Survival Guide in Florida

Hurricane Survival Guide in Florida

Ok. So, Erika is getting a little too close for comfort for many Florida folk. Personally, I’m not too worried about this one but it’s always good to be prepared. Right? Right now, she is only a Tropical Storm. We will keep a close eye (like the eye of a hurricane) on her. Here’s a little Hurricane Survival Guide to keep your worries away!HURRICANE

It’s been a while since a hurricane has hit South Florida. I remember the hurricane streak like it was yesterday. Being raised in Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama I didn’t even know what a hurricane was. We quickly found out after moving to West Palm Beach. Frances, Katrina, and Jeanna were not nice ladies.

Hurricane Erica Survival Guide

I even just received a message from the Senator urging people to stay safe, be prepared, and stay indoors. It’s gettin’ real around here, peeps. I remember getting on myspace (yes, I am old) and catching up with friends in state/out of state after the storm. Mind you, this was a while after as the power and internet/phone lines were completely down. There was debris everywhere. Phone lines blocking the roads. People paddling BOATS down the streets in my neighborhood. It was complete insanity. Thank heavens for emergency personnel (SO to my handsome fire-fighting boyfriend) to keep everyone safe and help in a time of need.

Here are a few items we always keep on hand during our South Florida Hurricane “scares.”

1) Flashlights and Candles. If you have a generator, by all means fire that baby up! If not, make sure you have a flashlight and/or candles ready to light up the night. I remember how completely dark it was at night. So eerie!

2) Water Bottles. So, if you ask my boyfriend… there isn’t enough water in the world to quench my thirst. All I do is drink water. All day, every day. Gotta fuel that body! Head on over to the local Costco and buy water in bulk. It’s always good to have more than enough. After all, water never goes bad.

3) Canned Goods and Non Perishable Foods. Make sure you are equipped with food that is easy to prepare. You may not have power to be able to cook and prepare a meal. Luckily, my family has gas appliances. This came in handy a few years back. We literally had steak and lobster in the middle of a hurricane. Now THAT my friends is class.

4) Gas. The local gas station lines are already cray-cray! Make sure you gas up those vehicles. You never know how long it will be before the gas stations will be able to replenish their gas supply. For those of you with generators, fill up those red cans! Again, over-prepare. There’s no shame in having too much! For those of you without a generator, find a friend or neighbor with one. We call this a Hurricane Party. Because there ain’t no party like a hurricane party and a hurricane party don’t stop (unless you’re in the eye of the storm). I’m thinking I’ll be making a call to my lovely boyfriend with a lifted F-350 to come pick us up to share some of his generator lovin’ with the fam.

Be safe y’all! Thoughts and prayers. We’re hoping the storm is just enough for a day off work (maybe?) but no messy yard-work or damages. Be sure to stay indoors during the brunt of the storm. To keep up with Erika’s whereabouts, hop on over to The Weather Channel for more!

3 Trending College Back to School Supplies

Friday Fave Finds: 3 Trending College Back to School Supplies Edition

OK so I must admit. I’m a sucker for a good school supply. These days there are the cutest school supplies from pencils to travel coffee mugs. I put together a few of my fav fancy finds for college back to school. These 3 trending college back to school supplies are must have’s. Or, rather NEEDS.


1) Amanda Catherine Designs Pencils


Amanda Catherine Designs Pencils

6 unsharpened, #2, wood cased pencils printed with the following:


**Some of my personal favorite things ^^^^

Amanda Catherine Designs Pencils

6 unsharpened, #2, wood cased pencils printed with the following:


So, one of the COOLEST things I’ve found is that AC Designs is a proud partner with Love146. Love146 is an organization dedicated to end child sex slavery and exploitation. Proceeds from the shop will go to fund Love146 and the meaningful work they do. To find out more, please visit their website at As a local family grown business, Decor 2 Ur Door loves to support businesses with a passion to help the community and world as a whole. I’ve had these pencils for about three years now. Because everyone needs a little inspiration on their pencil.

2) Ashley Brooke Designs Travel Mug

ABD Shop



Ashley has always been a design hero to me. She is absolutely adorable. I’ve followed her on Insta since the beginning of the Insta era. Every single post is complete perfection. I could learn a thing (or two) from her.

One of my favorite parts of her Instagram is her Sunday Bible Verse. She tags it #SundayABD. Note: she always has perfectly painted nails. So, I guess that means I need to step up my nail game with this whole blogging thing, huh?

Bible Verse Instagram ABD

She is a complete social media guru goddess. And her items top them all. She designs and sells the cutest mugs, travel mugs, water bottles, notebooks/notepads, and… a personal weakness of mine… wrapping paper. These items are all perfect for college classes in the auditorium.

3) Planner 

Paper Source Shop

paper source school supplies

Floral Planner

I have to admit, I’m totally buggin’ out about floral lately. Floral is sweet, sophisticated, and stately. This planner features all my favorite aspects of a planner. Let’s face it. Each person needs a little something different in a planner. For me, the way this planner is set up is perfection.

Floral Planner

I love being able to see the month in advance. Here, I can see any important events (Sorority FUNctions, Exam Dates, Paper Due Dates) all at one quick glance. Then, the deetz of each goes on it’s specific day with more info like dress code or chapters included.

Floral Planner

 Personally, I’d like to use the PARTY, girls night out, and Date Night stickers the most. However, for something like a Midterm Exam I’d probably use that OMG (like seriously, no more studying!), crossing fingers (praying for an A) or #1 Ribbon for good luck.

Floral Planner

This bright floral planner will keep your year adorably organized with stickers, inspirational quotes and fun art. Includes yearly, monthly and weekly views, festive stickers, two pockets, space for note, and beautifully colored inspiration pages.

PS: there’s also a notebook to match

Floral Notebook

Right now, get FREE shipping : FREE SHIPPING ALL ORDERS $75+ (CODE FREEFALL)! Happy shopping!

We hope you love these items as much as we do. A few other must have college school supplies: Black/Blue pens (professors are picky y’all), binders with section dividers, spiral notebooks as seen above (I had a different one for every class to keep notes organized), and HIGHLIGHTERS. I seriously can’t tell you how many highlighters I went through during college. What is your favorite college school supply item you brought with you? We’d love to hear from you!

Last Minute Dorm Room Decor Items


Happy move in week to many of our D2D fans! We are so thrilled to be a part of your college experience: dorm bedding style. So, you realized you are “missing something” or just HAVE to have a last minute dorm room decor item? We’ve got cha’ covered.

We can ship quickly (add EXPEDITED ORDER in checkout) and directly to your dorm! It doesn’t get much better (and more convenient) than this!

dorm room essentials

But, wait. IT DOES. #D2DGiveaway! Enter to win a $50 Decor 2 Ur Door gift certificate for all your last minute dorm room decor items! Don’t forget to take a photoshoot of your room! Send us all the angles to show each and every personal touch you added to your custom dorm room by Decor 2 Ur Door.

So, you set up your entire room and it just seems like something is missing. Here are some items you can add to complete the look.

Empty walls? No problem. Order a wall monogram, custom fabric pennant banner, or a monogrammed fabric covered canvas set.







Need to hide your under-bed storage? A custom extended length bed-skirt is the perfect way to hide your storage under your lofted dorm bed. These bed shirts are a 32 inch drop made for lofted beds.

dorm extended length bed skirt


Forget to add a headboard? Check out our dorm headboards in T/TXL in all colors and patterns. These are the perfect item to add color to the drab dorm walls and comfortable to rest your head while studying or watching a movie with your roomie.



Need more pattern or color on your solid duvet? Our most popular item is our dorm bed scarf. Make sure you have one to your bedding ensemble to bring the entire look together and add more color and patten. A scarf is the perfect item to monogram!

trendy-tribal-category-view-navy-500x750 aztec-peach-navy-gold-scarf-800x800


As you can see, the options are endless. We have SO many great options to add to complete your dorm room look. For design ideas and inspiration, email us and a designer would love to help!

Also, be sure to check out out SALE SECTION. For the first time EVER, D2D is having an End of Season Sale! You don’t want to miss this. These items are listed and ready to ship the day you order. PERFECT for last minute dorm essentials you need right away. Because, let’s face it… we know you can’t live without this stuff. HURRY, quantities are limited.

decor 2 ur door sale




Move in day is hectic but I will never forget it. Its an exciting time with lots of room for creativity, fun, and new friends! For any items you forgot, hop on over to our site and we will get them going for you! Happy shopping college-goers. We are so excited for you. These are truly the best 4 years of your life. Enjoy them. And, as usual… stay trendy with your Decor 2 Ur Door bedding all through college and beyond!