Fall Fashion 2016


It’s been a super long time since I’ve posted a Fashion Friday post. What’s a Friday again?! Part of this may be due to the fact that I have been living in yoga pants and lululemon shorts…the other half… well yeah. That’s it. This season was a total rush! We were able to get our custom dorm bedding orders out faster than ever! This – of course – had to do with our fab team and workforce (hence, the yoga pants). It’s time to jump out of my gym clothes- and into some trendy new threads! Ya feel me?! Let’s check out some of my favs. Here are 6 Fall Fashion 2016 finds that I think are must have + staple items for your fall wardrobe!

  1. Cutout SweatersFall Fashion 2016
    Summer is over- so its time to move those colorful and bright cutout dresses to the back of the closet (they will be back, don’t worry!). I love the way this sweater features a little peek-a-boo in the shoulders. It adds a bit of playfulness to the sweater. There are tons of fun cut out looks that are perfect for fall fashion 2016!
  2. Off the ShoulderFall Fashion 2016
    It seems as if off the shoulder tops can be used in any season now, right? I LOVE it! Off the shoulder tops are so fun and flirty. This top features a tie crop sleeve that is totally cute! Is it bad if I want every single off the shoulder top that I see? Yes or no?
  3. Fluted / Bell Sleeve
    Fall Fashion 2016
    It all comes back y’all. The fluted and bell sleeve is a bit of a 70’s style making a comeback. Personally, I’m totally down with this. What are your thoughts? I love the frilly and flow vibe the sleeves give the blouse. There are also fluted and bell sleeved dresses that are totally to die for- just sayin’!
  4. SuedeFall Fashion 2016
    Suede has always been a fall staple for me. I love the look and feel when I pair a suede piece in my outfit. This dress happens to feature my next fall fashion 2016 trend as well: lace-up. I also swoon over the suede mini skirts with button fronts. Pair it with a more fitted top and voila- fall fashion at its finest!
  5. Lace-Up
    Fall Fashion 2016
    Lace it up girl! This trend is here to stay- from summer, spring and fall! This body suit it totally cute- especially when paired with a fall hat. Again, totally love the lace up dresses as well – and don’t forget lace up shoes, booties, boots and beyond!
  6. Comfy
    Fall Fashion 2016
    Ugh oh- back to yoga pants here… but there are classy right? So it’s okay. These cute but comfy leggings are totally up my alley. I love the simple “v” in the front to add a bit of design. You know me and my design (like design ur own)… Leggings are all the rage. From black, to suede, to army green and everything in-between – keep it comfy y’all!What are your favorite fall fashion 2016 trends of the season so far? Comment below. Click each picture for direct links. Happy fall shipping y’all – and happy fall y’all!
Megan McDonald

Boston Mini-cation in Review

Boston Mini-cation in Review

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Y’all. It’s been forever. Right? We’ve been designing our hiney(s) off over here. To celebrate some hard work and AMAZING new products and designs to come… I headed off on a little mini-vacay with the boyf. We’ve had Boston on our bucket list for quite some time now. It was absolutely amazing to explore another city, eat some amazing food (and drink some yummy dranks), and feel like it’s actually fall. Here is my Boston Mini-cation in Review.

So, now let’s get to the point. Packing for Boston. Why is packing so hard? I always seem to WAY overpack- yet still want that one thing I decided not to bring. Who’s with me? At work, we’ve been in the yoga pants and gym tee phase while working on our rebranding and new product line. Because, you need to be comfy when you’re in creative mode… right? I can’t begin to tell you how obsessed I am with our new line. You’re going to die. When I get the chance to actually dress up and put on make-up, it seems like a big deal these days.

We had a bunch of must do’s on our list based on friend recommendations and my own research. Our goal was to feel like a true Bostonian. We tried out AirBnB for the first time. Totally do it! Dan’s place was amazing. We are stayed in the South End – famous Backbay area. Told you we wanted to feel like locals! The studio apartment was equipped with a kitchenette and outdoor patio area to ourselves with a hammock and strong lights. So fun!

Boston Mini-cation in Review

We got in – threw our bags down and started exploring. We started our Boston Mini-cation in Review at a restaurant called The Salty Pig. The salt in the name was no joke. The salami with ground mustard and tangy pickles were off the chain. Our pizza was topped will all sorts of “pig parts” – that were salty – with stone ground mustard sauce and arugula to add a bit of bitterness. It was amazing.

Boston Mini-cation in Review Boston Mini-cation in Review

Boston Mini-cation in Review

Boston has so much shopping to offer. We continued to explore and check out the local spots and shops. It’s literally never ending. They have every store you can think of – regular to high end. A girl’s dream. They just need a D2D right?!

We cheered on the Bruins at the TD Garden which was a blast. Our seats were amazing.

Boston Mini-cation in Review Boston Mini-cation in Review

The next day we were true tourists. We started with a little exploring and making our way over to the North End. Boston has so many little parts to it – I had no idea. I had done a lot of research and had recommendations for a place called Neptune Oyster. TIP: get there early- right when it opens. This place ALWAYS has a line and wait (usually 1hr+). My opinion, totally worth it. The oysters we had (all different kinds) were the best oysters I’ve had in my life. I had a warm lobster roll (Maine lobster, not our usual Florida lobster we catch ourselves!) and Billy had a burger with fried oysters on top. Probably the best burger I’ve had. This place was MANY FLAMES as our friends would say.

Boston Mini-cation in Review Boston Mini-cation in Review

After we stuffed our bellies- we headed over to the New England Aquarium. On our way, we walked The Freedom Trail and saw Paul Revere’s home. If you haven’t been to Boston before, buy the Boston Go Card. I found this in my researching and it saved so much money- while giving access to all the fun spots. We used the card to tour the aquarium. Right outside, we hopped on the Duck Bus to start our Duck Tour (also included in our Go Card). This is a MUST do. You get to explore all the spots of Boston by street and water! So stinkin’ cool. Our tour guide was awesome… “THE COD-FATHER” complete with a cod hat. I’d definitely suggest doing this the first or second day of your trip. It helps to get an idea of the different areas of Boston.

Dinner was at an amazing place in the North End – Italian district. Of course, we ended at Mike’s Pastry for a famous cannoli and gelato. The night life in Boston is totally fun. There are so many cool bars and pubs that have been there for centuries. The Bell in Hand is the oldest tavern in America! Loved it & its live music. We also went to a few other places around the area. Each was unique and fun – most having live music!

Next day on our Boston Mini-cation in Review, we grabbed some Breakfast/Brunch and walked over to a local fire station to meet some fellow brothers ;). The crew was so nice and inviting. The way the have to drive on calls (BOSTON DRIVING = CHAOS) is crazy! Boston is set up so unique. There is no sense to it really. The streets are a grid – you could literally drive in circles on one-way roads for days.

Boston Mini-cation in Review

Next, we headed off to Sam Adams Brewery for a tour. The tour was amazing! The guide was literally hysterical. I couldn’t stop laughing. The beers were yummy as well, hehe! PS: with the Boston Go Card- you get a free pint glass! The tour is totally free- they just ask for donations. This is a must do!

Boston Mini-cation in Review Boston Mini-cation in Review Boston Mini-cation in Review

We went to Chinatown for a quick snack. Fins Sushi and Grill was the name. The sushi was AMAZE. Anyone that knows me, knows I love me some sushi! The sushi was fresh and super unique.

Boston Mini-cation in Review

Home to change and OFF TO THE BASEBALL GAME! This was one of the highlights of the trip. I’ve never been to a baseball stadium quite like Fenway. The history behind every inch was amazing. The seats were small and wooden. They still changed the score by hand on the “Big Green Monster.” It was so special. We also got to witness Ortiz hit a homer at his last series before retiring. The crowd was GOING WILD. I felt like I was in an old time movie. Our seats were great! I don’t think you can have a bad seat in that stadium. We were under cover which happened to be perfect since it was raining (a light mist that didn’t stop for 30 hours — not like FL rain, thats for sure!). After the game, we stopped by The Bleacher Bar which was so fun! The garage door opened to Fenway which was super cool!

Boston Mini-cation in Review Boston Mini-cation in Review Boston Mini-cation in Review

On our last full day- we tried to hit all the spots we didn’t hit in a tour or directly. As noted before, it started raining that night of the baseball game and didn’t stop. We didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits! We headed to the Franklin Park Zoo. We had SO MUCH FUN here. I actually became best friends with the sweet gorilla. He sat next to me. Then, he left and got his blanket and came back to sit next to me. BFF’s.

Boston Mini-cation in Review Boston Mini-cation in Review

Harpoon is one of our favorites. They have their brewery in the seaport area of Boston. The seaport area is where all the fisherman bring their fresh fish and sell to the local restaurants. YUM. Harpoon puts on a big HarpoonOFest every year as part of OctoberFest celebrations. They have tents and tents of food, dancing, and their beer. Tickets were sold out weeks before. We waited in a line we thought would be hours (over .25 mi long line to get in) but was actually super fest, and totally worth it. It was really fun to experience a local event in Boston. The brewery itself was awesome- and we look forward to going back during “normal” hours in the future as well. We ended with an amazing seafood dinner at LTK on the seaport. We ended up meeting an old friend at a local hot spot – which is always fun.

All in all, we had the BEST time in BOSTON! We think we hit all our must do’s but know there is SO MUCH more Boston has to offer. We will be back bean town! We will be back!

What are your favorite Boston hot spots? Any questions on our trip?


Megan McDonald

Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

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Hotty Toddy alert! Check out this Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016 we did this season. These two ADORABLE roommates used our Hire a Designer section to create this #dreamdorm. I was the designer behind this operation– and I have to say I’m so proud of the final look.

The girls knew they wanted a blue and pink dorm ensemble. We started by picking the tone of blue we wanted to use. We chose our new “canal” blue to pair with our candy (hot) pink. They complement each other perfectly- while bringing in a bright and fun vibe. We picked our favorite fabrics in each color grouping and the rest is sweet (dorm room) history. After a few back and forth drafts– we came up with this as our finished product.

Step into their dorm room… I’ll walk you through our Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016!

Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

WOW! Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016 – The room is breathtaking. The colors draw your eye in automatically. The girls were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over their new home away from home. Word around the *hall* was everyone was peeking in to see the best dorm room in the residence hall!

Our dorm bed skirts are made in an extended length 32″ drop. They are perfect for raised dorm beds like this. We love how the girls used the included pins to have a gathered look to the dorm bed skirt panels. Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

These window panels in the quatrefoil (fynn) print are all the rage. Dorm window panels are a great way to add a bit of privacy, cover up the bright sun (sleep in a bit!), and add color and pattern to the drab walls. We did a custom length for these panels to fit PERFECTLY in their dorm room.

We also love how the girls used an outside piece to add a little drama and storage in their dorm room! Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

Each roommate had her own closet panel (with a pink fynn header to match the window panels-DUH) to cover their cute clothes and belongings. We monogrammed each in gold with our vine font. Gold metallic monograms are everything. We love how the gold monogram ties into the gold polka dot square we designed with the bedding. Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

Of course, we HAD to have our exclusive bed scarf in the mix. We choose a new *and best selling* pattern in the canal color to coordinate with the custom dorm bed skirt. We also used this same print as the pillow sham. This is a great way to tie the bedding together. Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

We used the pink fynn from the window panels and closet panel header- as the euro pillow fabric. Then, we added solid hot pink custom square pillows with “Hotty Toddy” in gold metallic script. How FUN is that?! Seriously though. The gold metallic polka dot pillow adds a bit of glitz that every dorm room needs. Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

We also made these custom dorm desk covers. Each girl had her own desk cover- monogrammed in coral and finished in coral satin trim. How stinkin’ cute! This is such a sophisticated and customized look. Guess what y’all- we loved them so much… we will be adding them to our site for next dorm season! Stay tuned! Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

The girls did a great job adding accessories and fun accents to bring in more gold, coral, and blue. The room really came together perfectly and looks like a home (away from home)! Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016 Ole Miss Dorm Makeover 2016

We hope the girls love their custom dorm room as much as we do! We are so thrilled with the finished product. To design ur own dorm room from top to bottom- contact a designer to get started. We are also available for home room design, teen bedding, apartment bedding, sorority bedding, and baby bedding. We can’t wait to design some more amazing-ness.

PS: If you ordered this season- don’t forget to send in your pics to be featured in your very own blog post. #FAMOUS y’all.

Megan McDonald