Feb 25

Inspirational Quote: Love your career.

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Inspirational Quote: Love your career.

love your career

Alright… alright… alright (in a Matthew McConaughey voice). I’m feeling a little (lot) thankful, emotional, appreciative, loved, & happy this morning. I want to start by saying that being happy is E V E R Y T H I N G.

When I graduated from college with a degree in Hospitality Management from Florida State University (GO NOLES!) I had every intention to spend the rest of my life planning dream events. Having worked at a world renowned resort, The Breakers, for years… I had top of the line experience in my field. I also interned at an amazing Event and Design firm and continued Independent Contractor work where I worked events at Mar-A-Lago (Donald Trumps rad crib), The Flagler Museum, and many more. Events were my life. I then went on to do events in the Polo arena. Working 80 hours a week just wasn’t my thing and I was not in the environment that made me thrive… my passion began to fade. I went home from work every day unhappy (and usually crying to my poor boyfriend and mom/dad/sister/roommate). Long story short, I decided to follow my heart and resign from my event planning job.

I’ve alway been a very independent person. I love working. I love proving myself to others, but more importantly to myself. At this point, I needed something to do to support myself while I figured out my plans. Of course, Decor 2 Ur Door was BOOMING and my mom needed help. I jumped in and started designing and working on marketing and promotions. Every day I went to work I learned something new. What began as a temporary job, became my passion and my career. To me, its all about creativity. That’s my passion. Whether its designing an event or designing a gorgeous custom room (or even “designing” an outfit), I’m in my prime. I’m in my happy place. I’m an Interior Designer!

It’s been over a year now that I have worked for Decor 2 Ur Door. I can’t begin to say how blessed I am. I have such a huge part in this company. At my age, to be able to have this much authority and say in a company is amazing. I design the rooms. I help in the website design and promos. I learn Photoshop and blogging. Not to mention, I have a life! I also got to be a part of launching a brand new company, Baby Bump Bedding (my personal baby). In the beginning, I never wanted to “work for my mom.” It killed me every time someone said that. Now I know in my heart that I work for my mom, but I earned every second of it and I have helped grow this company to make it bigger and better than ever. Soon, it will be mind BAHAHAH (witch laugh) watch out mom! By the way, thank you mom for everything. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for giving me the reigns. Thank you for accepting my ideas and making changes what will help this company. You have grown this company that I am honored to be a part of. Thank you for being there for me always. I love you, and I love my job. (…I’m crying right now by the way).

Follow your heart. You never know where life will lead you, that’s the fun in it. Now, I go to work (my career) and do amazing things with people I love. Take a look at yesterdays work day sneak peek.

Custom Room Designs and Dorm Inspiration

Oh, and we went to HomeGood’s for inspiration. Job well done my friend, job well done.



Feb 23

Coordinating Nursery and Teen Bedding

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Coordinating Nursery and Teen Bedding

Coordinating Baby and Toddler Bedding. Coordinating Nursery and Teen Bedding. Custom Baby Bedding. Custom Toddler, Teen, Home Bedding. Grandma’s Nursery.

Introducing: Coordinating Nursery and toddler/teen bedding. Now, we have 2 companies that meet ALL your bedding needs. Baby Bump Bedding was launched this year (December 24th to be exact) as a place to get adorable custom baby bedding all in one place. Decor 2 Ur Door is bigger and better than ever. We thought… why not offer our amazing designs and custom bedding to all shapes and sizes. Literally. Thus, we give you Baby Bump Bedding. We love the idea of being able to coordinate your custom nursery and custom big girl bedding.

coordinating nursery and toddler bedding. coordinating nursery and teen bedding. coordinating nursery and home bedding.

Here’s the coolest thing. Now, you can coordinate your custom nursery with your custom toddler bedding, custom teen bedding, or custom home bedding. 

We absolutely love the idea of having a our custom Baby Bump Bedding paired with our custom Decor 2 Ur Door bedding to create the perfect coordinated room. From baby, to toddler and beyond! This Grey Restoration Hardware Inspired Custom Bedding from Decor 2 Ur Door is paired with Baby Bump Bedding’s Grey Neutral Designer Created Crib Set (gender neutral baby bedding). 

This idea is also perfect for all the grandmas/nanas/mimis out there. You can design ur own bedding using Decor 2 Ur Door. Then, you can deign your own custom baby bedding to match. Create one unified room that looks great all the time!

You can choose to mix and match the fabrics or you can make the bedding exactly the same on both beds (or crib in this case).

Now, we literally have you covered in ALL shapes and sizes!

Decor 2 Ur Door and Baby Bump Bedding to the rescue!


D2D and BBB

Feb 16

Navy, Coral, Aqua and Grey Bedding

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Navy, Coral, Aqua and Grey Custom Bedding

Navy, Coral, Aqua and Grey Custom Bedding, Design Ur Own Bedding, Dorm Bedding, Teen Bedding, Home Bedding, Apartment Bedding, Coral Bedding.

This brand new Navy, Coral, Aqua, and Grey Custom Bedding set was just released to our 2015 dorm bedding, home bedding, teen bedding, and apartment bedding collection. We have to admit it’s one of our favorites!

We get it, you may not have put this color combo together when designing ur own bedding. This year, unique color combos are trending. We absolutely love the opposite colors put together to make one unique and absolutely stunning bedding set.

navy coral aqua and grey custom bedding

Trending: choosing completely different colors and fabrics for one custom bedding set. That’s what we did here when the professionals went to work designing this set.

Coral has always been a bedding favorite. Add in a navy blue, and boy do you have yourself a gorgeous bedding ensemble. This time, we didn’t stop there. We added an aqua print and touches of grey to this custom bedding set. As you can see, it truly comes together.

navy coral aqua and grey custom bedding

You can do this with any color combo!

Here’s how we designed this bedding set.

1. Start with your color palette (usually 4 colors or so). Navy, Coral, Aqua and Grey are the colors we chose to design with in this set. navy coral aqua grey custom dorm bedding

2) Choose your favorite color/pattern to use for your custom bed skirt ( or custom dorm bed skirt). For this set, we chose a custom coral bed skirt.

custom bed skirt, custom dorm bed skirt

3) Use that same fabric for your dorm headboard to unite the two pieces.

custom dorm headboard

4) Choose the color you would like to see a large amount of (different from the bed skirt/dorm headboard fabric) and use this color/pattern for your custom bed scarf and custom sham. Usually, when designing we like to use the same fabric/color for these two items as well. To us, this moves your eye to each part of the bedding. This custom aqua bed scarf in our quatrefoil pattern is gorgeous!

custom aqua bed scarf

5) Now, its time to add that pop of color! Throw in a square pillow that is the same color as the bed skirt. This mimics the design and color palette to the top of the bedding. Add a monogram in a color (if possible) that brings in another color of your bedding ensemble. In this case, we chose metallic silver to bring in some of the grey we used in the lumbar pillow (see #6).

coral aqua and grey custom bedding pillows

6) Mix it up a bit! Add your final color in a small lumbar pillow. This adds a bit of a color contrast while not looking too busy on the bedding. When designing your window panels, we suggest using this fabric for the panels/closet panel to add more of a pop and use a little more of this particular color/print.

custom grey window panel and dorm closet panel

7) In this set, we chose a solid stock navy duvet cover as we wanted to see the most navy. We also added a navy euro pillow to the custom pillows to bring that navy into the set one more time. Of course, we added a custom wall monogram in navy to really bring it all together! We also show our custom banded sheet set in the same pattern as the euro pillow.

custom navy euro pillow

navy custom banded sheet set

8) Add wall decor! (See navy wall monogram above for one idea). We also love the idea of using the fabrics you used in your custom bedding set in a custom monogrammed canvas set or custom fabric pennant set.

custom monogrammed canvas set

custom fabric pennant set

See, so easy! It’s all about envisioning the bedding and making sure you use the different custom bedding items to unite the entire bedding set.


Megan + D2D Team

Feb 12

Custom Nautical Bedding

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Brand New Custom Nautical Bedding

2015 custom dorm, teen, home and apartment bedding collection.

Ahoy matey! (In my favorite Australian accent). We’re rising here in sunny (but kinda chilly) South Florida listening to the waves crash on the Atlantic coast. Not really. We’re at work. But, you get the point.

We’re introducing (2) brand new Nautical Inspired Custom Bedding sets to our 2015 Designer Bed in a Bag collection! These fabrics are also available in the Design Ur Own section. I know, I know. We’re so (nautical but) nice for designing these!

First up:

Coastal & Navy Nautical Designer Bed In A Bag Set

This coastal and navy nautical set is always warm and sunny. The waves crash in awe. Like an anchor in the sea, you and this set were meant to be. Nautical and navy stripes and bold patterns combine to make a nautical go hand and hand. You have yourself a bedding set ready to sail away into the bedding heavens.

Coastal and Navy Nautical Custom Bedding

nautical custom bedding and anchor wall monogram

A n c h o r s  A w a y ! That’s all I have to say. That rhymed. We absolutely love this anchor vinyl wall monogram paired with this coastal and navy nautical inspired custom bedding set!

Coastal & Navy Nautical Custom Bed Skirt

Custom bed skirt, dorm bed skirt

We absolutely love this hue of blue that is new to our collection this year. We call this coastal. Y’all know here at decor we have a love and passion for pattern and design. This custom bed skirt pattern is absolutely gorgeous. Our custom dorm bed skirts fit perfectly on vaulted dorm beds for easy under-bed storage. Our standard and extended drop bed skirts for twin, full, queen, and king beds are the perfect way to finish off your bedding!

Coastal & Navy Nautical Custom Bed Scarfcustom nautical bed scarf

This anchor print bed scarf is the perfect addition to your nautical bedding. Place this custom bed scarf at the end of the bed for a little prep and print! Our bed scarfs come with inserts and look AMAZE when monogrammed.

Coastal & Navy Nautical Custom Twin Headboard

custom nautical dorm headboard

Our custom headboards are the lightweight, easy to install, and oh so gorgeous! We love this coastal blue geometric pattern that unites the bed skirt with the rest of the custom nautical bedding.

Coastal & Navy Nautical Custom Euro Pillow

custom stripe euro pillow

Coastal & Navy Nautical Custom Banded Sheet Set


Coastal & Navy Nautical Custom Window/Closet Panel

custom stripe window panel

Coastal & Navy Nautical Custom Fabric Decorative Canvas

monogrammed canvas set

Coastal & Navy Nautical Custom Fabric Pennant Banner

fabric pennant banner

Banners are a current favorite of mine. They are totally trendy and an easy way to make a BIG statement, without breaking the bank. Overlap (2) for the cutest look!

OK. So you think we’re done now? Nope. Check out this nautical inspired bedding set that is as adorable as the last. There can never be enough nautical right? And mint. Spoiler alert!

Mint & Navy Nautical Designer Bed In A Bag Set

Ahoy matey! We just can’t get enough of this color combo. Mint and navy are truly MINT to be a pair. We added a little twist with this set. Nautical mint and navy. Anchors away! And, of course seahorses print. This set is nautical, and nice!

mint and navy nautical bedding

mint and navy nautical bedding, metallic gold wall monogram

Mint and navy are truly a (MINT) to be color combo. This mint and navy nautical bedding set is available with a solid white duvet OR a solid navy duvet. The choice is yours. Add custom large chevron window panels, and a custom metallic gold wall monogram above your dorm headboard. You have your self a sea of a gorgeous room!

mint and navy nautical beddingPillows included

Mint quatrefoil. Mint anchor. Navy seahorse.

Mint & Navy Nautical Custom Bed Skirt

custom navy print bed skirt

This fabric. Oh Em Gee. This fabric is the perfect balance of bold and beautiful. This navy print bed skirt comes in sizing for all beds.

Mint & Navy Nautical Custom Bed Scarf

mint quatrefoil custom bed scarf

Mint and quatrefoil are two words and two best sellers.

Mint & Navy Nautical Custom Twin Headboard

custom navy dorm headboard

Mint & Navy Nautical Custom Euro Pillow

custom navy chevron euro pillow

Mint & Navy Nautical Custom Banded Sheet Set

navy chevron custom banded sheet set

Mint & Navy Nautical Custom Window/Closet Panel

custom navy chevron window panels

Mint & Navy Nautical Custom Fabric Decorative Canvasnautical monogrammed canvas set

Mint & Navy Nautical Custom Fabric Pennant Banner

mint and navy pennant banner

HOLY COW (or seahorse in this case). We have ourselves nautical perfection in these two custom nautical bedding sets!

Hold your (sea) horses people… there are more coming!

Stay nautical. Stay pretty. Stay trendy.


Megan + D2D Team

Feb 11

Coral Woodland Inspired Deer Bedding

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Coral Woodland Designer Bed In A Bag Set

Brand new bedding set in our Designer Bed in a Bag collection! Custom Dorm, Teen, Apartment and Home Bedding : Coral and Grey Custom Bedding : Woodland Inspired Deer Bedding

Like a deer in headlights, this bedding set has us stunned. The hunt is over for your dream dorm / teen bedding / apartment bedding. Coral arrows, grey wood grain, and deer silhouette makes this bedding set the perfect catch. Our prediction: a 2015 best seller!

So. Lets just start by saying this. If you know me (or follow our blog), you know I’m OBSESSED with deer. Deer anything and everything. Antlers. Wall mounts. Real. Not real. You have it. HENCE: this stunning bedding set. From me to you, my DEER sweet friend.

woodland inspired coral and grey deer bedding

Bed in a Bag Set

pillows included deer bedding

Pillows included.

Full Dorm Bedding, Teen Bedding, Apartment Bedding deer decor set

Full bedding view. Here it is y’all. This set is killer. (Save the deer!). All the bells and whistles. Custom coral window panels, custom dorm headboard, wall monogram, and more!

Decor 2 Ur Door Accessories:

Decor 2 Ur Door accessories are what we add to a room to make it complete. Our accessories are BOMB. I mean, come on. Really. What more could you ask for?

grey arrow print custom bed skirt

Grey Arrow Print Custom Bed Skirt

Now available in all sizes and drop length options! Easy Peasy! Just choose your size and add it to the cart. Our custom bed skirts are perfect for under-bed storage. Our custom dorm bed skirts are designed to allow easy under-bed access to your second (or third closet). Arrow print is one of our favorites in this years collection. Atzec decor, tribal inspired decor, and DEER decor are totally trending in 2015 bedding.

coral deer silhouette bed scarf

Coral Deer Silhouette Bed Scarf

Deer! Deer! Deer! I’m seriously getting my deers and dears mixed up. Must be the deer beer? HA. Just kidding y’all. As a color favorite of last year, we know this coral deer silhouette custom bed scarf will be a best seller.

Grey Arrow Print Dorm Headboard

Grey Arrow Print Dorm Headboard

Our dorm headboards are always a must! Headboards are a way to unite the fabric used on the bed skirt with the rest of the bedding. Dorm headboards also add a little color and print to those (not so pretty) cinderblock dorm walls. Use our industrial strength velcro to apply at desired height. You’re done. Oh, and get this. They’re only 3 pounds! Now you have no excuse to skip the gym today!

PS: This would also be supaaa cute with our brand new Greek Key Border Headboard monogram in our coral vinyl! Eeeek. This is a must do!

custom coral euro pillow

Custom Coral Euro Pillow

Euro pillows are a personal fave of mine. To me, they are overlooked and not too many people feature them on on their beds. Euro pillows are jumbo squares. They are nice and big and fluffy. They are the perfect pillow to lay back on while you’re watching Pretty Little Liars, or your other favorite guilty pleasure (I’m talking to you The Bachelor fans!).

coral custom banded sheet set

Coral Custom Banded Sheet Set

Our banded sheet sets are an exclusive design to Decor 2 Ur Door. Banded sheets are a great way to add a pop of color and pattern to a solid duvet. We love to use these custom banded sheet sets as a fold-over for the duvet.

coral custom window panel custom closet panel

Coral Custom Window/Closet Panel

Window panels are the perfect way to complete the room. They’re also the perfect way to block out that sun and get a little extra beauty sleep! Make sure you add blackout to your custom window panels for the ultimate darkness. Our panels are also perfect as a closet panel in a dorm room (or home/apartment) to hide the not – so – pretty lack of storage we are forced to live with. For custom window panel length or options, please email us.

custom woodland inspired monogrammed canvas set

Coral and Grey Custom Monogrammed Canvas Set 

Seriously though. How stinkin’ perfect is this custom monogrammed canvas set. Of course, we have our coral deer silhouette print on the two outer canvases. On the middle canvas, we feature this amazing wood (woodlands inspired) print. All custom monogrammed canvas sets come with one monogram of our choice on the middle canvas. We love bringing in the coral vinyl monogram to the grey wood print. You can also Design Your Own Monogrammed Canvas (and anything else) set of your dreams using our brand new design tool!

coral woodland inspired pennant set

Coral Woodland Custom Fabric Pennant Banner

We are so siked to add these custom fabric pennant banners to our collection this year. We love the idea of overlapping two custom fabric pennant banners to create a wall art piece. Another fun idea is to overlap two pennant banners in a corner and place an angled furniture piece underneath. What a good way to utilize a corner and create a design element.

We hope you absolutely love our new designs so far! We will be adding new sets every day so stay tuned. Also, let us know what you think of our new 2015 Custom Designer Bed in a Bag collection! We love to hear from y’all!


Megan + D2D Team

Feb 10

New Lime and Navy Custom Bedding

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Introducing: NEW (hot off the press) 2015 custom bedding set!

Custom Lime and Navy Bedding: Designer Bed in a Bag Set

Y’all. Check out this brand new, exclusive Decor 2 Ur Door designer bed in a bag set that was just released on the site last night!

Our designer bed in a bag dorm, teen, apartment and home bedding collections feature professionally pre-designed dorm bedding sets full of stylish and trendy dorm bedding flair. Select teen girl & dorm bedding that reflects your unique style and inspires you. Each set is made to order.

Designer Bedding Sets Include:

  • Solid Stock Duvet Cover*
  • Custom Sham
  • Custom Square Pillow (Insert Included)*
  • Custom Lumbar Pillow (Insert Included)*

Also available to be added to each set: Exclusive Custom Scarf, Custom Euro Pillow, Custom Headboard, Custom Bed Skirt, Wall Décor, Monograms, and more!

*Unless otherwise noted in the bedding set description.

I wanted to be the first to introduce to you this absolutely stunning bedding sets. Stay tuned for our blog posts that will feature new sets every day!These sets are sure to be the top sellers of the year. Each set is specifically designed with 2015 top bedding trends, patterns, and colors.

Canal Neon Lime & Navy Designer Bed In A Bag Set

Neon lime green combines with navy and white to create a bedding set fit for any girl. Feathers, mini quatrefoil, chevron, and more! (That rhymed, just sayin’). Back at it again, this lime and navy bedding is sure to be a 2015 best seller.


Check out the entire set with all the bells and whistles! This set features the included pillows and duvet, and additional items : custom bed skirt, custom bed scarf, custom euro pillow, custom dorm headboard, custom window panels, and a custom wall monogram.


Shown above are the 3 pillows included in your designer bed in a bag set.


Decor 2 Ur Door exclusive design: Custom Bed Scarf.

Our exclusive (and best selling) design. Liven up your dorm duvet with our custom bed scarf. Position your scarf at the bottom of the bed. This custom look allows you to add pattern and pizzazz to your bedding. Each bed scarf is created with invisible zipper enclosure for laundering ease and ability to poof up with included scarf insert. Inserts are poly down construction and fit perfectly inside the scarf. Reverse side is chosen by designer in a coordinating color.


  • Twin/TXL (24″ x 54″)
  • Full (24″ x 77″)
  • Queen (24″ x 88″)
  • King (24″ x 104″)


Decor 2 Ur Door Custom Bed Skirt

BRAND NEW BED SKIRT SIZES! Introducing : Standard Twin Skirt, Decor 2 Ur Door Exclusive Dorm Bed Skirt, Full/Queen Bed Skirt, Full/Queen Bed Skirt Extended, King Bed Skirt, and King Bed Skirt Extended.

In previous years, we sold 32″ Dorm bed skirts only and individually quoted any other bed skirt sizing. Due to demand, we are not offering all sizing for your convenience and easy ordering!

New this year, custom bed skirts in all sizes! Complete your beautiful bedding with custom length drop bed skirt panels (dust ruffles). Dorm Bed Skirts are the perfect way to hide your storage space and create extra closet room for all our fashionista D2D girls! With the easy twist pin installation, you adjust your panels to the perfect drop or height. Our panels allow for a tailored or gathered look. Dorm bed skirts are for 2 sides of the bed, as one side is against the wall. The skirts come in 3 panels. 1 for the foot of the bed, and 2 that meet in the middle for a “slit” in the center and easy access to under bed storage. The included cork screw-like pins go securely and directly into the box spring or mattress. You may fold the fabric to the desired length and twist in place… Voila! No more lifting the mattress to launder, simply untwist the pins. We also include a rod pocket if you prefer to use these for install for a gathered look.


  • Standard Twin Skirt – 3 Sides (3 Panels) 15″ Drop
  • Dorm Bed Skirt – 2 Sides (3 Panels) 32″ Drop
  • Full/Queen Skirt – 3 Sides (5 Panels) 15″ Standard Drop
  • Full/Queen Skirt Extended – 3 Sides (5 Panels) 18″ Extended Drop
  • King Skirt – 3 Sides (3 Panels) 15″ Standard Drop
  • King Skirt Extended – 3 Sides (3 Panels) 18″ Extended Drop


Custom Dorm Headboard:

The ultimate finishing touch to your beautiful bedding. Make your room have all the comforts of home with our coordinating headboard. These custom padded headboards are slip covered and upholstered with a fabric of your choice. Finished size is approx. 40″ w x 24″ ht. Headboards weigh approximately 3lbs. Easy to install with included industrial Velcro. Place at any height on the wall. Sit up in style and comfort.


Greek Key Border Monogrammed Headboard. Add yours today! Available in White, Gold, Black, Navy & Mirror Silver. Sneak peak here


Custom Window/Closet Panel: 

Complete your look with custom window panels. Use as closet door enclosure or shower curtains. Panels come with a rod pocket at the top for easy application. You can also use curtain clips to hang.

*Panel Pairs are for decoration purposes. We suggest ordering a panel (or 2, depending on window size) if you plan on closing the panels with blackout.


  • One Panel – 52″W x 72″H
  • Panel Pair – 24″W x 72″H


Custom Euro Pillow:

Euro pillows are a great way to take up a large amount of space on the room and add a large pattern/color mix to the bedding!

Stylish 26″ x 26″ Euro pillow complete with invisible zipper for cleaning ease. Insert included! Don’t forget to add a monogram from our extensive monogram options list!


Custom Monogrammed Canvas Set: 

The perfect way to jazz up your boring walls! Add a touch of the fabrics/colors on your bedding to the walls to unite your entire room!

Three 16″ x 20″ fabric covered vertical decorative wall art canvases. Includes 10-inch monogram on middle canvas.


Decor 2 Ur Door Exclusive Design: Custom Banded Sheet Set

Experience true 100% Egyptian cotton luxury when you sleep on these 300 Thread Count sheets. An affordable luxury that drapes beautifully on the bed. These 300 thread count sheets of premium long-staple cotton are “sateen” because they are woven to display a lustrous sheen that resembles satin. Sheets with a 3” band of your favorite fabric. Band is on flat sheet and pillowcase and on both sides of the sheet to allow for fold over.

* Note: this is a banded sheet set. Sheets are not all fabric.


Custom Pennant Set: 

Pennants are all the rage. We absolutely love this brand new design now offered on our site in all patterns and colors!

7 triangles measuring 9″ x 9″. Coordinating fabrics made into a wall décor pendant set. Order two and overlap them for complete cuteness!

PS: We now offer monogramming on duvets for the ultimate personalization. Monogram everything! Literally.

Stay tuned for (3) sets or so a day to be released during the month of February. Celebrating LOVE in style, literally.


D2D Team

Feb 09

Valentine’s Day Fave Finds

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 Valentine’s Day Fave Finds by Decor 2 Ur Door & Baby Bump Bedding

Love is in the air y’all! Just five more days until Valentine’s Day! Don’t ya’ just LOVE, LOVE?! We do! Valentines day is one of our favorite holidays. Pretty in pink! Celebrating love is a must. In this crazy world we live in, a little love goes a long way!

Check our our fave finds for this years Valentine’s day!

Valentine's Day Favorites

1) Essie Nail Polish. 

Need I say more? Essie.com has so many different pink/red nail polish colors to choose from… we don’t know where to begin. We LOVE options (as you can tell from our extensive Design Ur Own section). Let’s be real here. We all work hard each and every day. Every girl deserves a little pampering. Am I right? It’s time for a mani – pedi! This time, rather than staring at the hundreds of polish options for 15 minutes (I’m seriously the worst)… I have it narrowed down to 3. See #1 for my options. This shouldn’t be too hard, right? Let’s take a vote. Let me know in the comments which color you think I should get. Ready, set, go!

2) Ashley Brooke Designs Mug

There’s a trend here. Treat yo’ self! This mug is to-die-for! Because every cup of joe (or tea) deserves a little sass, right?! Ashley Brooke is the cutest thing going. We follow her on Instagram and absolutely adore her style and passion for her faith. Not to mention sass. Girl’s got sass and we love it. Check out this view of the mug. Looks like she’s thinking like us for her Valentines mani – pedi!


Some days call for a little something extra.  11 ounces white ceramic mug royal purple hand lettering text on both sides microwave safe dishwasher safe (with mild detergent) perfect for the those celebrating birthdays, accomplishing goals, & even yourself!


My personal favorite, but I guess I’m a little biased. Our brand new release of this stinkin’ cute custom word pillow (more options coming!). Coming soon to our site, not yet released. This Gosh You’re So Trendy custom pillow will be available as an accessory for bedding sets and as a separate. Word / silhouette monograms are available on all square / lumbar pillow options. You can also add solid fabric word / silhouette pillows in the Accessories section. To us, these are the perfect addition to our custom home, apartment, teen and dorm bedding.

Trendy Tribal Peach and Mint

For Baby Bump Bedding, we LOVE our animal silhouette monogram options. These are so stinkin’ cute! Add them to any square pillow and throw it on your rocking chair. Voila!

fox pillow baby bedding

4) Gold Foil XOXO Note Cards + Envelopes

Current obsession: gold foil. Seriously, everything gold. You should see my office remodel (in progress right now.) Simple notes make a persons’ day. Thats why these Gold Foil XOXO note cards from Sugar Paper, Los Angeles are one of my Valentine’s Day Fave Finds. I can’t wait to use these to write the special people (who I LOVE) Valentine’s day notes. Maybe I’ll even sign them “<3, your secret admirer.” Although, the gold foil will probably give it away.

“Our escorial xoxo folded note is printed with gold foil on raspberry paper.  Paired with a raspberry envelope and lined with our signature gold diagonal stripe liner.  6 cards + 6 envelopes.”

We hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with even more love than Cupids heart (and all these little goodies, of course!)

H A P P Y  V A L E N T I N E ‘ S  D A Y



Decor 2 Ur Door + Baby Bump Bedding Staff

Feb 04

Master Bedroom Home Makeover

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Decor 2 Ur Door is now focusing on Home decor and Apartment decor in addition to our ever famous Dorm and Teen bedding decor. We designed this absolutely stunning master bedroom and just had to share! Master Bedroom Makeover! Our client wanted a room that was tranquil and inviting, with a little glam. (DUH!). The master bedroom makeover screams sophistication and class. The neutral grey hues on the wall was our inspiration for the entire set. We started with a lighter grey for the walls, and finished the ceiling in a slightly darker grey.

TIP: painting ceilings with architecture (like this room) in a darker color adds drama and focuses the eye to the gorgeous ceiling design. Not to mention that chandelier! Glam, bam, yes ma’am!

Custom King Bedding

After the walls were painted we went through our Design Ur Own section (which by the way just had a makeover itself, check out the new tool!) and chose these fabrics from the Brown section. This fabric color is named on the site as Ecru. Ecru is a brand new color we offer with brand new (hot off the press) fabrics and patterns. We love ourselves a mixture of bold patterns!

Custom King Bedding

Custom Window Panels

Custom window panels change a room. No doubt about it. I mean, just look at these panels and the damatic effect they give the entire room. We adore this new pattern. Pattern in panels is our current obsession. I think, in the past people seemed to “play it safe” with solid panels and decor. Times are a-chaning people! Pattern makes pretti-ness!

Tip: Hang your panel rod at the top of the wall (almost at the ceiling). Make sure you leave room to adjust the rod and panels when needed. Hanging your panels at the top of the wall creates the effect of longer looking windows and higher ceilings.

Custom BeddingCustom Neutral Pillows and Bed Scarf 

Don’t be afraid of pattern. This year, bedding trends are bolder than ever. You know what they say… “Go BOLD or go home!” We designed these (3) custom euro pillows to tie in the darker grey/beige and the lighter.

Tip: Adding (3) euros to the back of a king bead fills up the (larger) bed and adds color to the solid upholstered headboard.

Headboard: City Furniture

Custom Home Bedding

Then, we went on to design these (2) custom jumbo shams. This pattern is absolutely beautiful. It reminds us of a twist on the ever-popular damask. Everything deserves an update, right? Even a fabric print!

Tip: On a king bed, definitely go with jumbo king shams. Standard shams will get lost on your big (and comfy) bed!Custom King Bedding

On to the bed scarf. A bed scarf is a Decor 2 Ur Door exclusive design. Bed Scarves are our best selling design.  They are used to liven up a solid duvet. Position your scarf at the bottom of the bed. This custom look allows you add pattern and pizzazz to your bedding. Each bed scarf is created with invisible zipper enclosure for laundering ease and ability to poof up with included scarf insert. Inserts are poly down construction and fit perfectly inside the scarf. Reverse side is chosen by designer in a coordinating color.

Tip: When designing, we use the same fabric for the bed scarf and the sham(s). This ties the bedding together and completes it.

Custom King Bedding

Have I mentioned my love for all things fur? Well, now ya’ know. This rug is the perfect twist on this “traditional” room. The rug adds a little flair (and what I like to say “trendiness”) to the entire room. Rug: Homegoods, Be Happy (duh).

Custom King Bedding

The chandelier was another item that truly changed the room. It added the perfect amount of glitz and glam we were looking for. This crystal drum chandelier was found on Wayfair.com. Currently sold out, but check our here for more!

Custom King Bedding

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Custom King Bedding

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Custom Window Panels

Full Window Panels

Custom King Bedding

Custom Pillow Close Up!

Custom Window Panels

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Home Room Makeover

Upholstered Bench: found at HomeGoods!

Home Master Bedroom

Dresser: City Furniture
Home Room Makeover

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Home Master Bedroom Makeover

Master Bedroom Makeover

Custom King Bedding

Custom King Size Bedding and Decor
Master Bedroom Makeover

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Custom King Bedding

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Custom King Bedding

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Custom King Bedding

Custom King Size Bedding Views


Master Bedroom Makeover

As you can see, we hit this one out of the park. Neutral home bedding, made custom! The tans mix perfectly with the greys to create a calming and serene master bedroom. The perfect retreat. Enjoy your custom king bedding and master bedroom makeover, Robin and Jeff! Your palace awaits! Sleep tight (trendy, classy, beautiful, etc)!


Megan + D2D Team

Feb 01

Custom Bedding Sneak Peek

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2015 Bedding Trends Sneak Peek

2015 Bedding Trends for dorm, teen, apartment and home.

2015 Bedding Trends for dorm, teen, apartment and home.

Introducing: 2015 Dorm Bedding, Teen Bedding, Apartment Bedding, and Home Bedding trend predictions! We are thrilled to give you (yet another) sneak peek of our adorable, brand new bedding of the 2015 season! This season will be full of metallic bedding, deer silhouette bedding, shapes and sizes, colors and prints. This season, our designers are totally on point.

Have a special idea or trend you’d like to see? Email us and we would be happy to make your dream (or design in this case) come to life!

Decor 2 Ur Door is so excited to offer new designs that are unlike any bedding we have ever offered. A mix of old and new.


D2D Team

Jan 30

Sneak Peek at 2015 Custom Bedding

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Because everyone loves a #sneakpeek at our 2015 custom bedding! Take a look at a top-pick and top-seller prediction for dorm bedding, teen bedding, home, and apartment!

2015 Sneak Peek Custom Bedding, Aztec Bedding

Aztec Bedding, Tribal Bedding

Of course, we can’t give away too much just yet! Tribal and aztec bedding are sure to be the 2015 top trends in bedding and decor. This set would be perfectly paired with a faux deer head mount over your bed and a gold metallic #wallmonogram. Stay tuned for more, y’all!

Aztec bedding is already trending all over the globe. We adore this girly version of an aztec print. This aztec inspired roll pillow has navy, gold, mint and peach geometrics to create a pillow that is different, stylish, and of course trendy! Tribal bedding is my current fave. I am absolutely obsessed with deer and moose and everything with horns/antlers. Y’all should have seen me in Colorado. My boyfriend and I went on a couples ski trip. I was in deer chandelier heaven. He laughed every time I would see one, I would comment. Which was (basically) always. My inspiration for this set: all things aztec, tribal, and deer.

Gosh, you’re so trendy! Seriously, I’m obsessed with this pillow. Here’s a little behind the scenes. All my friends joke that everything I do/wear/decorate with is “trendy.” They say it in this silly voice. Hence, the inspiration for this amaze pillow. Decor 2 Ur Door will be introducing more pillow designs than ever before. In previous years, we have offered monogram options for our items. Now, we are pleased to announce that we are keeping “trendy” and adding our word-pillows and silhouettes to monogram options. Monogram everything. End of story. We also added numerous wall monogram options for over the bed. Need another place to put a monogram? We’ve got cha covered. Door monograms are also available. These are perfect for the dorm room, sorority house, or bedroom door!

We’re so excited for all to come and can’t wait for you to have the TRENDIEST room ever!