Aug 12

Tiffany Blue and Coral Beautiful Bedding

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Just returned from the final McDonald girl dorm move in..makeover.  My caboose is in her senior year and just moved into the sorority house. Hard to believe that 6 years ago I was taking my first born to college and thus launching Decor 2 Ur Door.

Megz and her BFF roomie Kelsey selected the colors and patterns and wow!  Didn’t they do great?!  We completed this record breaking  3 hour makeover and after the six hours drive back are ready to get back on the remaining Decor 2 Ur Door orders.  What a whirlwind.  This week the girls will have their room on sorority recruitment tour then settle into their senior year of fabulous fun and studies!  I will post photos when they complete the look with their wall decor etc…



Check out Megz flowers from her boyfriend… even they match!

7 thoughts on “Tiffany Blue and Coral Beautiful Bedding

  1. Vicki

    Hey! Where on the website can I get all those pillows? I love that combination! Can I get the colors and swatch numbers of them?

  2. Meredith

    Oh my goodness! This is absolutely adorable!!! Your daughter and her roomie did such an amazing job!

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