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  • Hire A Designer

Hire A Designer

  • $75.00

Design Ur Custom dorm room with one of our amazing, trendy, fab (the list goes on) designers! Not the most colorful crayon in the box? We're here to help! Give us some of your inspiration (colors, pictures, or patterns) and we will design ur custom room for you from top to bottom. 

Each design consultation will come with 1 FULL HOUR of personal design help (via email thread or phone) as well as detailed list of your design plan. You will order the items you want and make any changes your little heart designs {desires} using the Design Ur Own Section.

Want to SEE more? You can choose to pay $20 to have a photoshopped room using the design list your designer has created. This is better for those who need to "see" for the full inspiration!

*For anything over an hour or for a design #2 with any changes and additional $50/hour. Must be paid in advance. Non-refundable.

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