About Us

Your first born is leaving the nest. Emotions run high. Your baby girl will be so far from home, yet forever close to your heart.  You want her to leave with a sense of security and roots, yet wings and vision to begin her future.

Robin took this guidance with her as her daughter, Amanda, went off to college. Robin wanted to leave Amanda with a sense of home (having always had bomb-diggity rooms growing up as an interior designer’s daughter). Robin took the challenge of transforming the cinderblock walls into an inviting room that sent raving reviews all across campus. This is where Decor 2 Ur Door begins.

Robin utilized her 20+years of residential interior design experience, coupled with her 20+years of volunteer/fundraiser experience (thrifty with scarce budgets)...to develop a product line for dorms that is creative, trendy and all-inclusive. Now in it’s seventh year, Décor 2 Ur Door has cornered the market evidenced by an extensive customer base. Decor 2 Ur Door has had their designs featured in several publications, featured on Channel 5 News Entrepreneurial segment and even on an ebook cover.  This past year, Decor 2 Ur Door featured on Good Morning America where Robin and her team flew out to St. Louis to transform a dorm. Most importantly, D2D has provided joy for college girls and teens across the country.  Decor 2 Ur Door strives to provide beautiful bedding and accessories at affordable pricing.

"Everyone wonders if I ever sleep. They call me the energizer bunny. Always a new idea and far fetched plan. When you love what you do and are passionate, it’s not a job— its a lifestyle."

D2D is excited about keeping up with trends and allowing girls to use their creativity as well. This year, Decor 2 Ur Door is adding a new element to the company and focusing on apartment living and home interiors as well. With both daughters now college graduates and homeowners, Robin saw an opportunity for apartment decor as well. Whether still in college, or graduated and living on their own (my, how time flies!)— girls love to have a room that they will call their home. Any of our designs can be made in any size, allowing us to expand our market to now teen decor, dorm decor, sorority decor, and apartment and home decor. 

"With two daughters, shopping is a favorite pastime for us. As a close knit family, we visit Markets together to determine the hottest products through “young" eyes.  Such special times have been made and memories that will last forever,” — Robin. She plans to leave a legacy with Decor 2 Ur Door that one day her daughters will carry on.